Filling Orders

1. How do you ship?
We ship by UPS unless you give us a Post Office Box in which case we ship by parcel post.
2. Do you ship overseas?
Yes. We can ship these almost anywhere in the world for $19.95 per set via airmail and you will have them in about 10 to 15 days. Just email us ( and we will confirm the price and take your order. We will make it easy.
3. How soon will I get my order?
Normally within 7-10 days. If you need it sooner, call us at 310-639-4566, and we’ll try to accommodate you.
4. What happens if my product is damaged in shipment?
Just let us know and we will send you a replacement and arrange for the pick-up and return of the damaged product.

Customer Satisfaction

5. What happens if I don’t like the Desktop Fishing Knots Set?
We will be glad to take the set back and give you a full refund or credit, no questions asked. In the long history of our company, we’ve never had to do this.
6. What happens if my Desktop Fishing Knots Set breaks?
If your product fails you in any way due the materials or workmanship, we will either provide you with a free replacement or refund your purchase price.

Privacy of Personal Information

7. What do you do to protect my privacy?
See our privacy policy at the bottom of the home page, but basically, we don’t share, sell, rent or loan your information to anyone for any reason. Any information we get from you will be kept 100% totally confidential.
8. Are you going to be sending me emails if I buy from you?
If we have a promotional offer we think might be interesting, we will send you a brief email. If you don’t like getting these, let us know and we won’t send them.

About the Products

9. How many knots can I tie with the included line?
Approximately 2000.
10. What happens if I run out of the fishing line and still need practice tying knots?
Just let us know, and we will be glad to send you an additional roll of fishing line at no charge so you can practice until you’ve got it perfect.

"Desktop Fishing Knots is a perfect gift for a fisherman. I like to practice my knots while I'm on long telephone calls. Every angler should have Desk Top Knots on their desk!" Pete Gray, Producer/Host
Let's Talk Hookup Fishing Show